Commonly Asked Questions About CEREC Same Day Crowns

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Same-day crowns are now achievable due to CEREC® technology, which combines modern technology with significant advances in dentistry. Patients with fragile, fractured, damaged, or broken teeth may now have their dental condition assessed and even get a new dental crown designed and installed during one visit to the dentist's office. If you are considering CEREC same-day crowns, continue reading to find answers to frequently asked questions.

What are CEREC same-day crowns?

CEREC stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics. This cutting-edge technology enables dental professionals to produce dental crowns and other tooth restoration options in only one dental appointment, eliminating the need for multiple dental appointments (as is the case with traditional crowns). CEREC crowns are used to restore and repair teeth that have become weak or damaged.

What is the process of making CEREC crowns?

CEREC enables the creation of dental crowns in-office using cutting-edge 3D-printing technology. The dentist will begin by taking photos of the patient’s tooth using a scanner. The scanner enables them to see almost every area of the dentition, which will enable them to create a highly detailed, accurate, and customized dental crown.

After the dentist has gathered all the relevant digital photos, they will submit them to the computer-assisted design software, which will produce a digital replica of the dental crown. After that, the dentist will assess the restoration model, make any required revisions, and then send it to the  on-site CEREC milling machine, where the crown will be created.

How natural do CEREC crowns look?

All same-day CEREC crowns are made out of porcelain, to give patients the most natural-looking repair possible. Patients can smile with confidence when they choose CEREC because the same-day crown will blend in with the rest of the teeth.

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns?

The following are the advantages of same-day dental crowns:

  • Each CEREC crown is custom-made to preserve as much of the natural tooth enamel as possible
  • CEREC crowns are produced in under one hour, eliminating the need for several dental appointments
  • The use of digital technology results in crowns that are precise, predictable, and easy to apply
  • Same-day crowns help save money and time by eliminating the need for temporary crowns and several dental appointments
  • CEREC crowns are constructed of porcelain, so they have the same feel and appearance as real teeth, resulting in a more appealing smile

Who is eligible for CEREC same-day crowns?

The dental professional may prescribe CEREC crowns if a patient is dealing with a cracked tooth, abnormally shaped teeth, severely decayed or damaged teeth, an uneven bite, or stubborn stains. A CEREC dental crown is an ideal option for creating desired results, as long as the original tooth's structure supports a dental crown.

In conclusion

If you need a CEREC same-day dental crown, you will need to meet with the dental professional for a dental exam and to discuss your options. The dentist will be happy to recommend CEREC crowns so you can smile confidently once more. To schedule a consultation, please get in touch with the dental office right away.

Request an appointment here: or call Terry W Rudnyk, DDS, PC at (480) 240-5713 for an appointment in our Scottsdale office.

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